#284 When the chapters in the book you’re reading are really short

And come on, don’t short chapters help us all feel a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins? Honestly, when you’re flipping pages fast, cracking that spine hard, and blazing through the book so quickly… well, it sure feels good, it sure feels great.  (Source here)

Yeah, God forbid you actually spend some time reading and not catching up on Glee reruns.  And let’s be honest pop-up books don’t actually have chapters to begin with.


You know who reads pop-up books? Four year olds. But I’m sure your bookshelf was just littered with fucking Tolstoy at that age. Also, using G-d’s name in vain in the same sentence as a “Glee” reference. You know where you’re going for that one.

Short Chapters… STILL AWESOME!

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